Savour the Thanksgiving Leftovers with a Sandwich

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because it’s a celebration centered on food, traditions (history) and gatherings around the dining room table.  I am grateful for many things this season, especially all the readers who follow my blog.  I still haven’t run out of things to share with you and I always love to hear how my posts inspired you in some way.  Tomorrow the house will be filled with heart-warming smells and there will be plenty of food on the table where we can catch up with loved ones and share in a few heartfelt toasts.  And the next day the refrigerator will be full of delectable leftovers, so here’s a refreshing idea for a simple sandwich (based on a sandwich from Baggin’s in Tucson) to enjoy for lunch over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The sandwiches have been our favorite for years and we look forward to them almost as much as we do the dinner!

They are made from some of the best of the leftovers.  There’s no typed recipe today, so here are the directions:  slice and toast a Kaiser roll and dress both sides with some mayonnaise, then layer with some cranberry sauce, warm stuffing (with sausage, of course), turkey slices, chopped romaine lettuce and finish it off with the top bun.  There are so many flavors in each bite, it’s creamy, sweet and tart, rich and savory and has a nice crunch from the lettuce.  You’ll want to have some lettuce and your favorite rolls on hand so you can use up your leftovers in a new way!  Have a wonderful celebration and be sure to tell the person who is next to you how special they are, Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat well and share the love!

6 responses to “Savour the Thanksgiving Leftovers with a Sandwich

  1. Great idea and your photo and plating of the sandwich is just so delectable looking that it makes me want make another turkey…well not really. I Will psych up to make a turkey for Christmas or New Years dinner and make this “bomb” of a sandwich for my peeps.

    • I guess that’s why this sandwich is so special, it’s tastes like Thanksgiving heaven and the only time we enjoy it is after the feast.  I like your idea of another turkey over the upcoming holidays just for the leftovers and a sandwich!  

  2. Cheryl Hogate Johns

    I’m reading this at 9 a.m. and my mouth is watering….the sandwich looks Amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I do the same thing with a turkey pot pie – home made crust, layer of mash potatoes, turkey, dressing, beans (optional), cranberries and then a top crust. Serve hot with left over gravy! YUM!

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