Cantaloupe & Cambozola Cheese: Inspiration from a Supper Club

Have you ever heard of a pop-up dinner, underground dinner or supper club?   Denver has several – they are invitation-only dinners organized by local chefs who want to share the love and showcase some of their culinary skills. Earlier this month we were lucky enough to get picked for a Noble Swine Supper Club dinner.  It was our second dinner with the friendly crew (and the second time I forgot my camera!) who create and serve a culinary feast for about 30 people.  Today I was inspired to recreate a simple but flavorful course from their dinner menu: musk melon (from the Boulder Farmer’s Market) dotted with French blue cheese, and paired with an Italian Moscato.  I used a regular cantaloupe and one of my favorite blue’s, Cambozola (more on this cheese in a bit). This dish is simply prepared with cubed, market-fresh cantaloupe and a strong, creamy blue, finished off with fresh-cracked pepper, fresh thyme leaves and a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  The sweet, juicy melon is a wonderful contrast against the creamy, rich Cambozola cheese and the pepper adds an unexpected brightness.  With the Moscato, it was the perfect end to the meal!

More about the supper club: The Noble Swine team changes location for each dinner, where one long table is set up, nametags organize the seating and guests get to enjoy a meticulously prepared 5 to 6-course meal paired with several different wines.  This is an intimate dinner experience with locally sourced food that is prepared to perfection, superb wines and people who enjoy eating food as much as I do!  The August 6th venue was hosted by generous dinner guests who opened their home so they along with 25-plus other people could dine on the balcony of their downtown Denver apartment. Before dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail on the rooftop patio/garden with sweeping views of the city and Front Range. It was a fabulous evening! 

Now back to the cheese that I used with the cantaloupe: Cambozola cheese. A recent Costco discovery, this cheese has become our favorite choice for a blue. It’s a triple cream soft cheese combined with Italian gorgonzola that delivers with tons of creamy flavor and a slight tang, which is why I like this style so much; the creaminess mellows out some of the pungent blue cheese flavor. It’s best eaten at room temperature and wonderful on fresh bread or crackers, or with cantaloupe.
Cheers to new food experiences and supper clubs!

Eat well and share the love!

Sweet Boy Murphy with Auntie Dawne, visiting from Tucson

5 responses to “Cantaloupe & Cambozola Cheese: Inspiration from a Supper Club

  1. Can’t wait to try this. I usually don’t like blue cheese, but this looks so creamy and sounds great with cantaloupe

  2. Love your description of the cheese. Not a huge blue fan but, this sounds wonderful and I’m at Costco almost every week so I’ll definitely give it a try! Dawn looks fabulous – I bet Murphy loved her 😉

    • If you do get the cheese at Costco, it comes in a two-wedge pack; the second wedge can be frozen (well-wrapped with plastic and then a piece of foil – don’t forget to label and date it). Although the texture changes, none of the flavor is lost.
      I think Murphy liked visiting with Chip & Dawne as much as we did!

  3. Lovely write up on the Noble Swine Supper Club – what a great idea and neat way to meet new friends. The recipe sounds like a good one – off to Costco to find that blue cheese! Hi Murphy…that’s a good boy…

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