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My name is Melissa Schenker and I live in a mountain suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. This blog came about from my own personal experiences and the desire to share my love of food.  Before entering college, three fields held my interest: interior design, veterinary sciences and culinary.  I chose an Interior Design degree (and even got my NCIDQ certification), which created a great career for me.  Later on, I gave the culinary field a try and here I am today.  I am a curious and passionate home cook with some experience working in a professional kitchen; I found out what hard work really is, beefed up my kitchen skills and learned a tremendous amount.  This foodie is always thinking, talking and dreaming about food.  And when I cook, it is for our humble home of two.  I hope to inspire you with my own recipes and stories and look forward to sharing cooking techniques and providing relevant food information.

The ultimate goal of Foodie for Two is to inspire you to continue (or maybe start) cooking in your own kitchen and share it with family and friends – there’s always a print recipe button so you easily print your favorites.

Remember, there is no right way or wrong way, and it is only food. I prefer recipes that are easy to prepare, look and taste great and use simple, fresh ingredients.  There is also a time and place for slow cooked meals and we’ll talk about many of those along the way.  I firmly believe that if you can learn a few cooking basics and techniques you can tackle just about anything in the kitchen.  It is all about practice and trying new things, stretching your inner chef to master new techniques.  Food doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or take forever to prepare.

Foodie for Two also has some helpful tips and hints…… Did you know that adding a penny to a vase of tulips will keep their stems upright, or that your slow-cooked soups will get tons more flavor by adding a parmesan rind? You’ll find this information plus lots more on my Clever Ideas page – it’s updated often with useful ideas for your kitchen and home.

Last but not least, I want to let my family and friends know how grateful I am for their support and encouragement when it comes to my food focus! You are all great cheerleaders in your own way and help me to follow my dreams. And to my husband, David, thanks for always believing in me (and eating my food).

Cheers to many wonderful food experiences!  Thanks for visiting.
Eat well and share the love!

I welcome your feedback and questions and would love to hear from you.  Please send all inquiries to: foodiefortwo [at] gmail [dot] com.

All images and content © Foodie for Two 2011-2012, unless noted otherwise and cannot be used without permission.  All rights reserved.

If you would like to use an image or feature some of my content, please contact me first.  Thank you!


5 responses to “About/Contact

  1. Hello – I was searching for a recipe for Marco Polo Chicken from the Good Earth Restaurant for my cousin. Do you happen to have that? You came up on my google search.

    Thank you very, very much!

  2. Just found this site. Love it! There are just 2 of us too, so recipe sized to suit us work great. Just joined for updates.

  3. Your site looks wonderful and your pictures are great! I love the pic of you cooking in Italy. The pasta wants me to run out and get the ingredients and make dinner. You are doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

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